Anti aging

Laser treatments for wrinkles, skin lesions, acne, scars, and stretch marks.

Skin aging

Skin cell renewal is one of the most important biological processes. This renewal takes place in the skin due to the proliferation and differentiation of keratinocytes and in the main skin, the synthesis of collagen and elastin proteins that make the skin firmer and more elastic.

Over time, the skin does not retain moisture, resulting in fine lines and wrinkles, while the main skin degenerates collagen and elastin. Along with them, the hyaluronic acid that is necessary for the hydration of the skin is reduced, as well as the natural fat.


The features of skin aging are wrinkles, discoloration (mainly the development of darker or lighter spots on the skin), the yellowish tinge over time, the loss of skin moisture and elasticity, the loss of volume , varicose veins, etc.


Skin aging is divided into endogenous  και  exogenous.

Endogenous aging is due to the passage of time and is related to skin type and heredity.


Exogenous aging depends on the environmental factors to which each person is exposed during his life. The most serious exogenous factor of premature skin aging is sun exposure. Other factors are the repetitive facial expressions or grimaces, the smoking, the weight and the positions that each person takes when sleeping.

What to watch for

Endogenous aging is a natural process of the human body, in contrast to exogenous for which prevention measures can be applied such as:


• Sun protection and frequent application of sunscreen.
• Avoid tanning with bulbs
• Hydration of the body and skin
• Proper sleep
• Avoid smoking
• Diet rich in fruits, vegetables and without unnecessary salt
• Reduce stress and anxiety


Anti-aging treatments are classified into preventive και curative.

The following treatments fall into the first category:

• Cleansing the skin
• Peeling (herbal chemicals or exfoliation with microcrystals)
• Hydration treatments
• Nutrition rejuvenation treatments
• Sun protection
• Activation of collagen using laser, I P L or RF machines.

Interventional treatments to treat or correct the appearance of wrinkles are botulinum toxin injections, mesotherapy (hyaluronic acid, vitamins – platelet-enriched plasma, etc.), injectable implants (hyaluronic acid, hyaluronic acid, etc. .) and the most invasive Lasers (co2, erbium yag, fractional).

Fractional Laser

Fractional CO2 lasers are mostly used for the treatment of wrinkles, pigmentous lesions from the sun, acne scars, and stretch marks. By heating the chorion, fibroblasts are stimulated to form new collagen and elastin, increasing the skin’s thickness. Thus, a highly beneficial skin result is visible, with firmness and glow that many describe it as alabaster!

Γιώργος Τύρος - Δερματολόγος Αφροδισιολόγος - Νέα Σμύρνη - laser treatments

Fractional laser photothermolysis (Fractional CO2 Lasers) works by placing microscopic laser light traces on a part of the skin (tens or hundreds) per square centimeter, leaving the skin healthy among them. In this way, faster healing is achieved, and the risks of scars and hyperpigmentations are minimized, and in general, they have a better safety profile than other similar lasers..


It should be noted here that, since this treatment is performed from October to May, sun protection and continuous moisturization are recommended. Normally, there is redness that subsides in 2-4 days, and patients can use make-up, if they want to.

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