Candidal balanoposthitis

Balanoposthitis that is caused by the Candida Albicans fungus manifests as a red (pink to red) enanthem on the glans (balanus) of the penis.

The enanthem can be composed of macules, or it can be uniform, with more intense macules in the middle of the lesion. Moreover, scaling can be observed.

In many cases, there is also edema (swelling) and pain. Because of the edema and pain, it is sometimes difficult to pull the foreskin back (phimosis), which is restored by treatment, however. The clinical appearance is not always so disturbing.


Factors that facilitate the development of balanoposthitis are humidity, especially in circumcised males, not so much from urine or sweat, but from wrong washing, and drying after washing. Furthermore, washing and drying is recommended within half an hour after intercourse, since candida is a natural microbiome on vaginal walls, although, sometimes, minor injuries during intercourse and

an increased load from any mycosis of the partner play a paramount role.


The treatment option is to apply topical steroids, combined with antifungal medicine and a regenerative-blocking cream, cleanser without soaps & changes in the patient’s hygiene, if necessary.

It should be noted that, in relapsing balanoposthitises, or those with a disturbing clinical appearance, antifungal medication can be administered orally.

Finally, no oral medication is required, when you do not have any clinical symptoms, if the female partner is the only one who suffers.

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