Tattoo removal Pico laser

Tattoo removal

Pico laser

Tattoo removal is not an easy task. State-of-the-art equipment is required, as well as a full clinical examination, experience, expertise, and fine handling by a fully qualified dermatologist. We take care of the removal of even the most challenging tattoo with the best possible effectiveness. We use a device based on the breakthrough PICO LASER technology, which is the most innovative in the world, ensuring a comfortable process and optimum results.

Tattoo removal is medical treatment


Before the application, we use the following:

Full dermatological examination, during which, we evaluate the tattoo age, type, color, pigment quality, area anatomy, and skin type.

Detailed palpation of the area, in order to identify the presence of any scars or sclerosis, which indicate a possible allergic reaction, as well as melanoma or other form of skin cancer, which may have developed under the tattoo and is not visible.

Preparation for a safe process through the use of special protective glasses by the patient.

Pico laser

The Pico laser generates two wavelengths; a beam in the infrared spectrum (1064 nm) and a second beam (532 nm), which is also useful for superficial skin lesions. Pico lasers operate with very short vibrations, at high energy levels, however.

Due to long-term exposure to the sun, and also with time, dark spots may appear on the skin. Patients are often concerned about them, since they do not know whether they are benign, or not.

With the help of a dermatoscope, a dermatologist will be able to see which lesions can be treated with the Pico laser. With a few shots on the lesion, sublimation takes place, and only a very thin crust remains, which will subside in 2 days.

This treatment is gentle with the skin, and a very effective treatment of pigmentous lesions, at the same time. After that, the pigment is excreted from the body, which is totally safe. After a short period of time, during which, we have something that resembles a “scratch”, the new and healthy skin is revealed, without the annoying pigmentation.

Blue, gray, and black, as well as green, color inks that are special for tattoos, can be removed with a Pico laster. It is important for the person concerned to know that the tattoo color, as well as the pigment depth, affect the duration and result of a laser treatment.


A laser treatment includes a selective destruction of ink molecules into very small fragments, which are then removed by the macrophages, and therefore, excreted by the body naturally.

Multiple sessions (5 or more) in a period of at least 4 weeks may be necessary to achieve the desired results.

An eyebrow tattoo removal treatment is usually completed faster.

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