Zoon’s Balanitis

Zoon’s balanitis or plasmacytic balanitis was described by the homonymous Dutch professor in 1952.

Intensely erythematous or brownish lesions are observed on the glans (balanus) and body (shaft) of the penis during an erection or inside of the foreskin.

  • It is believed to be a skin reaction to external factors, such as chronic irritation from small amounts of urine, anatomic blocking, as well as sensitivity of the epithelium, and a way for the skin to react and defend itself against dermatitises and mycoses.
  • It is neither a sexually transmitted nor a hereditary disease.
  • It can coexist with Atrophic Penile Lichen Sclerosus
  • It tends to relapse, although it does not give any symptoms.
  • The treatment option is to apply topical steroids, as well as topical calcineurin inhibitors, combined with a regenerative-blocking cream, cleanser without soaps & changes in the patient’s hygiene, with the necessary medical guidance, at least until the patient learns how to deal with relapses.
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